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I offer therapy to individuals age 18 and over.


I use a person-centered integrative approach, which will initially introduce you to some of the many cognitive behavioral therapies, chosen to meet your specific needs. We will also explore existential and humanistic therapies that will help you reach your fullest potential and live with purpose.

Much of the work I will be doing is known as “Motivational Interviewing” (MI). I find that this method is best to help somebody cultivate their own strengths. MI is a goal-oriented, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavioral change by helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence.

You will be encouraged to make changes in your life so as to improve your mental health. We will create a treatment plan together, and I will hold you accountable to your therapeutic goals. From there we may explore specialized therapies that are used to treat a particular diagnosis.


There will be obstacles along the way, and most of these obstacles will be mental. This is where the bulk of the work will be done using cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome cognitive distortions. We may also identify your individual schemas to help you focus on particular issues that need special attention.


I can’t help you on my own; you must be an active participant in your own therapy. The therapeutic alliance between therapist and client is what is most important. I plan on gaining your trust by showing you that I am an authentically warm individual who genuinely cares about the suffering of others. 



I am working in partnership with Mindful Therapy Group and charge a fee of $135 per 55-minute session, regardless of if it is an in-person session or a teletherapy session.


Mindful Therapy Group does not accept cash or check, so I do not accept cash or check.


All major credit cards are accepted. 

I accept Premera Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, and Lifewise Insurances.  Other insurances are pending, and my website will be updated once approved.

My Approach

What to Expect?

Your first visit will be an assessment session in which we will identify your problems and determine your treatment goals. If we both agree that your therapeutic needs can be met, a plan of treatment will be developed. 


Therapy typically produces benefits over time. I cannot offer any promise or guarantee about the results you will experience. However, as you commit yourself to work through your vulnerable issues and build upon your strengths, it is likely that you will see improvements.


You will be making choices along the way, and I will be guiding you to make choices that will benefit your mental health.  I believe that life presents us with many choices every day, and every day choices present us with opportunities to improve our lives. Every choice is a door to a new world.

I will introduce you to some concepts in quantum physics to help you understand how realities are collapsing around us with every choice we make. I acknowledge there are many external factors to consider. Life isn’t fair and things are not always within our control.

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